Dear Colleagues and Friends,

As Presidents of the 5th ASPIC International Congress, and on behalf of the ASPIC Direction and the Organizing and Scientific Committees, it is with great enthusiasm that we invite you to attend this congress, which will be held on June 30th and July 1st, at the IPO-Porto Auditorium, Porto, Portugal.

The ASPIC Congress is coming back to IPO-Porto, after a big success in 2018. In that meeting, we were thrilled to have 425 participants that created a warm environment to discuss the latest discoveries in cancer research. In 2022, we expect to hold another rewarding meeting, which will also represent an excellent opportunity to physically meet each other again and to learn, face-to-face, about new developments in cancer research, share results and discoveries through oral presentations and through a big and participative Poster Session.


You are invited to take an active part in this conference, which we believe will be an outstanding scientific event. We hope that you will take the opportunity to benefit from the exciting scientific programme and from new contacts and collaborations. During the meeting, there will be great opportunities for young scientists to meet the experts in the field, and we aim to create an open and engaging environment for discussion.

We look forward to welcoming you at the fantastic city of Porto.

Luís Costa and Rui Henrique
(Presidents of the 5th ASPIC International Congress)

Scientific & Organizing Committee

Joana Paredes
Júlio Oliveira
Jorge Lima
Bruno Costa
Cláudia Faria
Ana Preto
Carmen Jerónimo

Luisa Melo

Scientific Evaluation Committee

Chair: Bruno Costa-Silva
Ana Luísa Correia
Ana Sofia Ribeiro
Célia Gomes
Cláudia Faria
Fátima Baltazar
Peter Jordan
Raquel Almeida

Key Dates


Early registration deadline:  09/05/2022


Abstract submission deadline:  09/05/2022

Scientific Programme

Europe/Lisbon ( GMT)

30th June, 2022

9:30h – 10:00h

Opening Session

Joana Paredes (ASPIC/i3S), Luís Costa (CHULN/IMM) and Rui Henrique (IPO-Porto/ICBAS)

10:00h – 11:00h

ASPIC Lecture

BRCA2-P study: National characterization of the Portuguese founder mutation of the BRCA2 gene

Fátima Vaz (IPO-Lisbon)

11:00h – 11:30h


Symposium I – Cancer Genomics and Epigenomics

Chair: Bruno Costa (ICVS/ U.Minho) and Cláudia Faria (CHULN/IMM)

11:30h – 12:00h

Epigenetic contributions to Leukemia

Christoph Plass (DKFZ German Cancer Research Center)

12:00h – 12:15h

Selected Oral Communication:

T-cell receptor and Ccr7 chemokine receptor involvement in leukemic T cell dissemination

Ivette Pacheco-Leyva (i3S)

12:15h – 12:45h

The histone methyltransferase DOT1L in cytotoxic T cells: targeting epigenetic regulation at the core

Fred van Leeuwen (NKI – Netherlands Cancer Institute)

12:45h – 13.00h

Selected Oral Communication:

SKOR1 mediates FER kinase-dependent invasive growth of breast cancer cells

Sandra Tavares (University Medical Center Utrecht and i3S)

13:00h – 14:00h


14:00h – 16:00h

Poster Session

16:00h – 16:30h


Symposium II – Porto.Comprehensive Cancer Centre

Chair : Carmen Jerónimo (IPO-Porto/ICBAS) and José Carlos Machado (FMUP/i3S)

16:30h – 17:00h

Epigenetic modulators in solid tumors: drug development guided by clinical and traslational research

Irene Braña (Vall d’Hebron University Hospital)

17:00h – 17:15h

Selected Oral Communication:

3D heterotypic culture systems to study immune modulation and antibody response in HER2+ breast cancer microenvironment

Sofia Batalha (iBET/ITQB NOVA)

17:15h – 17:45h

Turning Sweet on Immuno-Oncology: glycans as key immune-checkpoints in cancer with clinical implications

Salomé Pinho (i3S/FMUP/ICBAS)

17:45h – 18.00h

Selected Oral Communication:

Patient-derived organoids recapitulate the gastric cancer glycosylation profile: a new model to identify novel cancer target therapies

Filipe Pinto (i3S)

18:00h – 19:00h

ASPIC General Assembly and Elections


Congress Dinner

1st July, 2022

Plenary Lectures

Chair : Leonor David (Ipatimup/FMUP) and João Barata (IMM/FMUL)

9:30h – 10:15h

EACR Lecture

The potential of liquid biopsy in the management of cancer patients

Evi Lianidou (University of Athens)

10:15h – 11:00h

ASEICA Lecture

Breast cancer metastasis cell fate mapping

Roger Gomis (IRB Barcelona)

11:00h – 11:30h


Symposium III – Tumour Microenvironment

Chair : Joana Paredes (ASPIC/i3S) and Ana Preto  (CBMA, U.Minho)

11:30h – 12:00h

The microbiota-immunity axis in gastrointestinal cancers

Amedeo Amedei (University of Florence)

12:00h – 12.15h

Selected Oral Communication:

Deciphering the impact of cancer cell´s secretome and its derived-peptides on breast cancer brain metastasis

Rita Carvalho (i3S/ICBAS)

12:15h – 12:45h

Neutrophil extracellular traps in the tumour microenvironment: exploring a possible mechanism of acquired immune escape

Carlos Eduardo de Andrea (Universidade de Navarra) – Sponsored by ILC

12:45h – 13:00h

Selected Oral Communication:

Cadherin-3 is a novel oncogenic biomarker with prognostic value in glioblastoma

Eduarda P. Martins (ICVS/3B’s)

13:00h – 14:00h


14:00h – 15:00h

Poster Session

Symposium IV – Translational Cancer Research

Chair : Jorge Lima (i3S/Ipatimup) and Júlio Oliveira  (IPO-Porto)

15:00h – 15:30h

ITCC-P4: a sustainable platform of molecularly well-characterized PDX models of pediatric cancers for high-throughput drug testing in vivo

Marcel Kool (Hopp Children’s Cancer Center Heidelberg & Princess Maxima, Center Pediatric Oncology Utrecht)

15:30h – 15.45h

Selected Oral Communication:

Genetic engineering of Mesenchymal Stromal Cells to express anti-cancer proteins

Marília Silva (IBB/IST)

15:45h – 16:15h

Universal fast testing of patients with infiltrating lung adenocarcinomas: from UTOPIA to reality

Fernando López-Ríos (12 de Octubre University Hospital Spain) – Sponsored by Thermo Fisher Scientific

16:15h – 16:30h

Selected Oral Communication:

Chitosan/y-PGA nanoparticles-based immunotherapy as adjuvant to IFN-y in breast cancer

Flávia Castro (i3S)

16:30h – 17:00h


17:00h – 17:30h


Joana Paredes (ASPIC/i3S)